School Support Services

Our centre works closely with teachers and parents through school visits. We provide on-site services for school children who study in kindergarten/nursery school and primary school. Services include:

Enhancing Children's Writing Ability

Target Group:  Children attended K3/ N4 or primary school; parents or teachers of children ages 5 or above

ObjectivesHelp parents and teachers identify children with writing difficulties and provide services needed



PART I: Parents and Teachers Education

Training Mode:

Seminars for parents and teachers (about 2 hours). Occupational therapists will introduce the characteristics, underlying causes and diagnostic assessments of various writing difficulties of children. A variety of training activities will also be introduced.


PART II: Assessment and Enquiry

Mode: Through various diagnostic assessments, such as measuring writing speed, grip strength and eye-hand coordination, occupational therapists will identify children with writing difficulties and explain to parents the assessment results.

Follow-up suggestions will be given.

 (In-depth assessment and paediatric referral for further diagnosis is possible upon individual needs)


PART III: Writing Ability Training Course

Course Mode: 8 sessions (1 hour / session )

Capacity: 10 (parents are welcome)


Course Content:

1.     Through multi-sensory activities to train children grasping and holding pen correctly to increase writing speed.

2.     Develop hand muscle strength to enhance children's visual perception ability in order to improve their handwriting's legibility.
3.     Through eye-hand coordination, visual tracking and attention activities to help improve children's writing speed.

4.     Provide parents with simple and practical home-based training to achieve good progress.


If you are interested in the above services,

please call our staff at 3111 1855 or via fax to 3111 1885.