Maggie Choy

Senior Counsellor

Registered Social Worker

Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor



  • Master of Social Work, The University of Hong Kong 

  • Registered Social Worker, Hong Kong

  • Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor , Association for Play Therapy, USA

  • Associate Fellow, The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association

  • Certified Autplay®Therapy provider

  • Level One Theraplay® & MIM

  • ISST Sandplay Theraphy - Certificate (100 hours)

  • Certificate on Child-Centered Play Therapy and Practicum Course, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Child - Centered Communication & Filial Play Therapy Foundation Course

  • Certificate on Directive Group Play Therapy, The Morning Glory Treatment Center for Children, USA​

  • Level-Two Intensive Level on Narrative Therapy by Michael White, Hong Kong Baptist University

  • Certificate on Individual and Family Therapy Using Satir Model, Green Pastures Whole Person Development Centre

  • Advance Instructor, Japan Pastel Hope Art Association

  • Certificate on Mindfulness - based Stress Reduction program


  • Over 20 years working experiences in counseling services with children, youth, parents and families

  • Currently working as a social worker in Foster Care Service in a voluntary organization

  • Worked as a part-time lecturer and fieldwork supervisor of the Social Work Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Worked as a student counselor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, providing psychological counselling services for students individually and in groups, mainly with emotional and mental health problems, learning difficulties, peer and dating relationship issues, and family problem

  • Worked as a social worker in Integrated Family Service Centre, Counselling and Family Life Education Service in a voluntary organization, providing play therapy for children, as well as psychological counselling services for children, youth, parents and families with emotional and mental health difficulties, family crises, parenting and marital problems

  • Conducted numerous therapeutic groups for children with emotional problems, adults with mental health difficulties, and parenting problems

  • Organized talks and workshops for parents education, as well as developmental and life skills programme for children and youth


Kanas Kwok, Kwok Mei Lin

Senior Counsellor

Registered Social Worker



  • Master of Social Work, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong 

  • Hong Kong Registered Social Worker

  • Certificate on Child-Centered Play Therapy, Lottie Lau 

  • Certificate on Directive Group Play Therapy, The Morning Glory Treatment Center for Children, USA

  • Certificate on Critical Incident Stress Management: Group Crisis Intervention, UMBC Training Centers, Baltimore, Maryland

  • Certificate on Multiple-family Group Training, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Certificate on Personal Development Service, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Certificate on Transition – Satir Model, Hong Kong Satir Center for Human Development

  • Certificate on ‘The Hidden Culture: Working with Asian Chinese Families’ by Dr. Lee Wai-Yung, The University of Hong Kong

  • Certificate on ‘Multi-skills Training for Family Resource Units and Family Support Units of IFSCs – Refresher Training for family Resource Units and Family Support Units on Outreaching, Networking and Brief Counselling’, City University of Hong Kong

  • Certificate on Restorative Justice and Family Group Conferences, Centre for Restoration of Human Relationships & Youth Studies Net at City University of Hong Kong

  • Certified Autplay®Therapy provider




  • Worked as a social worker in Nursery School, Youth Outreaching Service, Integrated Children and Youth Centre, Life Engagement Training Service, Integrated Family Service Centre, over 17 years working experiences in counseling services with children, youth, youth at risk, non-engaged youth, parents and families. 

  • Provided psychological counseling services for individually and in groups, mainly with emotional and mental health problems, learning difficulties, adjustment difficulties, and family relationship difficulties.

  • Implemented play therapy for children as well as psychological counseling services for children, youth, parents and families with emotional and mental health difficulties, family crises, parenting, in-law and marital difficulties.

  • Conducted therapeutic groups for children with special needs, adults with mental health difficulties, and parenting difficulties.

  • Organized talks, training programs and workshops for parents education as well as developmental and life skills programs for children and youth.


Iris Hau

Senior Counsellor

Registered Social Worker




  • Bachelor of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

  • Registered Social Worker, Hong Kong

  • Certificate on Child-Centred Play Therapy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Certificate on Intermediate Course in Solution-Focused Therapy, Scott D. Miller, Ph.D.

  • Certificate on Personality Dimensions Facilitator (Level I) , Career Life Skills Resources Inc.

  • Certificate on Personality Dimensions Enhancement , Personality at Work.

  • Certificate on Critical Incident Stress Management : Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support, UMBC, Baltimore, Maryland

  • Certificate on All-rounded Support for Children with Special Education Needs , HKCSS Institute and Heep Hong Society

  • Certificate on Handwriting Issues of School-age Children: Updates of Research and Practice , The Hong Kong Polytechnic University



  • 10 years working experiences in social work practice, serving the children, youth, parents and families.

  • Worked as a social worker in Integrated Family Service Centre and Foster Care Service, providing counselling, groupwork and therapeutic play for children and youth with emotional and study problems, counselling on family relationships, parenting, marital discord and managing family crises.

  • Worked as a Family Life Education Worker, conducting talks, workshops and mass programs on child’s psychological development, emotional quotient, learning difficulties, parent’s education and individual stress management to promote the healthy family life.

  • Conducted and designed the “Personal Growth and Developmental Scheme” for junior secondary school students, implemented the scheme, provided teachers’ training and co-worked with the Department of Health on its “Train the Trainer Scheme” for teachers.

  • Worked as a teaching associate in the Vocational Training Centre on its “Whole Person Developmental Program” for the youth, building up their positive value and self-image, enhancing their life skills, learning motivation, interpersonal relationship and mental health.

  • Rendered the “Dyslexia Group” for children with special education needs in kindergarten and primary schools to overcome their learning difficulties, enhanced their study motivation and self-confidence.