Therapy Services

I.Occupational Therapy Services

A. Sensory Integration Training 感覺統合訓練


Train children's ability in sensory integration through different swinging, balancing, juggling, sucking, breathing and climbing activities that stimulate the vestibular and proproceptive systemin the brain, reduce the blocking of various sensory input, improve muscles strength, reinforce communication and learning ability and enhance children's attention development.

B. Therapeutic Listening 感統聽樂治療


Therapeutic Listening Involves the use of electronically filtered music in conjunction with Sensory Integrative Therapy as treatment tools. Different sound track may lead to different outcomes for individuals, including regulating auditory sensitivity, adjusting to right level of alertness and activity level, enhancing core muscle strength, speech, communication interaction and perceptual discrimination, etc. (Frick & Hacker, 2001). There is no extra charge for TL training in our Centre except for fees to purchase related electrical equipment and the rental fees for sound tracks. Please refer to attached file for details

C. Pre-Writing Readiness & Handwriting Training 寫前及寫字訓練


Use multi-sensory activities to train children to form an appropriate pencil grasp and to increase their writing speed, strengthen their muscle tone, enhance their visual perception ability and improve their hand writing.

D. Physical Training 體能訓練


Through different swinging, balancing, juggling, sucking, breathing and climbing activities to keep joints more stable and flexible, improve muscle tone and enhance eye-hand coordination

E. Training of Hand Function 手部功能訓練


Develop appropriate training programme to help improve eye-hand coordination, fine motor development, hand grip strength and writing speed based on individual assessment and evaluation (standardized assessment and clinical observation)

F. Attention Training 專注力訓練


Using different visual attention strategies, age-appropriate child games and activities to improve and train Focused/Sustained Attention, Selective Attention, Divided Attention and Alternating Attention

G. Toddler/Infant Stimulation Training 嬰幼兒訓練


Through different stimulating toys and activities to facilitate early brain development

II.Speech Therapy Services

A. Fluency training 說話流暢訓練

Assess and analysis the dysfluency pattern to plan for effective intervention program. By teaching different techniques, e.g. Melodic Intonation Therapy, phoneme elongation, to promote fluency speech.


B. Articulation training 發音訓練

By using different strategies, e.g. visual cue, auditory discrimination, tactile cue, to build up the phonological system for accurate articulation. Oral motor exercise may implement to strengthen oral musculature for precise articulation


C. Oral motor function and feeding training 口腔肌肉活動訓練

By using different tools improve the strength, range and rate of movement of the lips, tongue and jaw to enhance the feeding and speech development. By using oral sensory toys to stimulate oral movement for vocalization and speech production.


D. Pre-verbal function training 語前能力訓練

By engaging children in activities to improve their abilities in eye contact, attention, imitation, turn-taking, non-verbal communication, communicative intent and play.


E. Voice training 聲線運用訓練

By using different activities to establish vocal hygiene and appropriate techniques in breathing and vocalization to improve the quality of voice and reduce the severity of hoarseness, pitch break, phonation break, etc.


F. Receptive and expressive language training 言語理解及表達訓練

Provide environmental stimulation for children to develop language skills to age appropriate level to facilitate their leaning, communication and play.

G. Reading ability 認字及閱讀能力訓練

By engaging children in different activities, we aim to equip children with the skills essential for reading (e.g. morphological awareness, radical awareness, strengthening the orthogprahic- phonologic- semantic linkage), and to facilitate children in reading and comprehension of vocabularies, sentences and passages.

III.Special Pre-School Teacher Services

A. Self-Care Training自我照顧技巧訓練


1. Enhance children's self-care ability, such as putting on clothes, tying shoes and using feeding utensils.


2. Enhance children's daily living skills concept to help build their self-confidence and initiativeness.


B. Preschool Training 學前訓練


  1. Enable children to establish the standard behaviour, to sit still and listen to instruction that serve as a foundation for children's learning

  2. .

  3. Enhance children's intellectual growth.

IV.OtherTraining Services

A. Social/Behavioral Skills Training 社交/行為訓練


Using social skill training, cognitive behavioural therapy and problem solving techniques to enable children to learn various communication, emotional management and problem solving skills, as well as ways to resist impulsive act through activities, discussion and role-play, for integrating and cultivating it into children's daily life.


1. Enhance children's ability in adapting to social situations via group training programme


2. Enhance children's ability in communication

B. Outreaching Services外展服務

On-site training: Therapists will tailor-made on-site therapeutic services, such as motor training,  writing training and self-care training, to meet the needs of specific families.


Nursery Centre/School Supporting Services: Arrange school visit and provide immediate assessment and training, such as writing ability training programme and strategic writing plan, to children in need.


Parents/Teachers Supporting Services: Provide parents/teachers with a variety of informative or practical supportive training through seminars or workshops. Immediate basic training will also be provided to parents and teachers at home or in school respectively whenever necessary.